Membership Policy

1. Objective of OMA Membership

  • Maintenance of register of members.
  • Provides Member Support and Internal Communication in the form of email and social media.
  • Oversees disciplinary procedures: Role is to give advice, support and act on behalf of any member undergoing disciplinary procedure.
  • Continuing Practitioner Development (CPD): Records Members CPD points annually and maintains CPD records.

2. Membership Levels

Professional Practitioner


  • Full voting rights at AGM and entitled to sit on Executive Committee.
  • Training and educational needs, support and information.
  • Access to Amatsu CPD organised by the OMA.
  • Access to training in other aspects of Oriental Medicine, as organised by Marcus Dwyer.
  • Access to non-Vocational CPD organized by the OMA.
  • Listing on the OMA Website.

  • Amatsu members: Passed all Anma and Seitai Examinations with an OMA approved school.
  • Advanced Acupuncture members: Passed all Acupuncture Examinations with the Acupuncture Council of Ireland.
  • Insured to Practice Amatsu/Acupuncture.
  • Holds current First Aid Certificate.

Student Member


  • Training and educational needs, support and networking.
  • Access to Amatsu CPD organised by the OMA.
  • Access to Oriental Medicine CPD organized by the OMA with Marcus Dwyer.

  • A Student member is an Anma or a Seitai or Acupuncture student that is not running a clinic and not charging a fee for their services.

3. Members in Arrears / Lapsed Members

Members who are still in arrears with their annual fee on 15 September will be contacted by the Membership Secretary and asked if they want to continue their membership. If there has been no reply from them by October 1st or a later date agreed by the Executive, or they have replied to say they don’t want to remain members, then they will be considered lapsed and will be removed from:

  1. the OMA website.
  2. the OMA emailing lists and newsletters.
  3. OMA invitations to train with OMA approved Teachers.

Please Note: A member who has lapsed will have to re-apply and submit to assessment in the normal way to regain membership.

4. Membership Year

The OMA year runs from 1 September to 31 August. The Annual Fee agreed at the AGM is due for payment during August.